Methionine Increases Milk Production in Every Stage of Lactation

Critical for pushing milk production to the next level, DL-Methionine is an essential amino acid required by dairy cows to achieve optimum health and productivity. DL-Methionine is a vital part of enzyme systems that enable cows to extract energy from feed and is one of the most important amino acids involved in milk production.

Inadequate amounts of DL-methionine in the diet result in lower milk volume and reduced yields of protein and fat. This is why DL-methionine should be fed during all stages of lactation – transition, early, middle and late – to increase milk and milk component production.

Cows are unable to make methionine independently, and feed ingredients rarely contain the amount of DL-methionine necessary to support a cow’s needs. Therefore, DL-methionine must be added separately to the diet in a rumen-protected form. Balancing amino acids for best production outcomes is an effective approach – offering enhanced feed efficiency and ration utilization, which leads to better milk production potential.

Mepron® is a proven, ideal source of DL-Methionine, benefitting cows in every stage of lactation. It fulfills a crucial role in the diet, helping cows naturally produce more milk for a longer time period. Delivering the methionine cows need to properly utilize nutrients, Mepron® provides DL-methionine in an encapsulated, rumen-stable, time-released formula completely usable by the cow to maximize milk production.

Gram for gram, Mepron® has the highest bioefficacy of all rumen-protected DL-methionine products on the market. In fact, Mepron® is the only rumen-protected DL-methionine source shown to increase yields of milk, protein and fat, and offer improved feed efficiency. This results in greater profit potential, producing an average ROI of 3:1.

In a study by the University of Illinois, cows fed Mepron® at a rate of 0.09 percent dry matter (DM) pre-fresh and at a rate of 0.1 percent DM post-fresh, had a 9.7 pounds/day increase in fresh energy-corrected milk (ECM) and a 10.7 pound/day increase in peak ECM. In this same study, fat yield was 0.42 pounds/day higher, and protein increased by 0.37 pounds/day.

Mepron® also supports metabolism and helps ensure major body systems are functioning at their peak, giving you more milk from healthier cows. In addition, Mepron® can help lower feed costs by up to $0.10 per cow per day by cutting excess protein expenses. Overall, income over feed cost can increase by as much as 10 percent when feedingMepron®.

By improving productivity from freshening through dry-off, Mepron® is generating revenue even in the most challenging economic times.